Friday, May 13, 2011

Envy On The Coast

I posted earlier today, which I don't normally do, but I wasn't too happy with that post as I'm actually not a huge fan of the band Emmure. This band, however, is one that I instantly liked and couldn't stop listening to for at least a week. Envy On The Coast is an alternative rock band out of Long Island, New York. They have a self-titled EP, released in 2006, followed by two full-lengths (Lucy Gray, 2007, and Lowcountry, 2010). Their current band members include: Ryan Hunter (vocals, guitar), Sal Bossio (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Brian Byrne (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Velardi (bass), and Doug Rogells (touring drummer). Apparently, they don't have a permanent drummer, so on the road, drummers change pretty often.

This guy (Ryan) writes some amazing lyrics and has an amazing voice to boot.
I'm going to get to the music now because that's my favorite part!

(This was the first song I heard from these guys and was instantly hooked.)

"The Gift a Paralysis"

"Starving Your Friends"
(Includes lyrics and one of my's a little slower, but picks up a bit)