Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Stuff by Born Of Osiris

This is just a quick little update.

I mentioned a few days back that Born Of Osiris recently released a new album. The album was titled "The Discovery" and here is some stuff I could find on YouTube:

This is tracks 14 and 15 from the album. Track 14, "XIV" (clever name, eh?), is just a transition song. After about two minutes, track 15, "Behold," plays. There's definitely a more skillful guitar sound going on here:

Here is a full album preview with a track list:

I can't wait to go pick up the album! Thanks and I hope you guys enjoy.
Keep Rockin'!

Monday, March 28, 2011

No, The Bullet Is Not For Valentine!

A Bullet For Pretty Boy (named after infamous bank robber Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd), is a fairly new metalcore band, founded in 2006, in Longview, Texas. They're a Christian band and their song lyrics make that pretty apparent. They released an EP in 2008, entitled "Beauty In The Eye of the Beholder" and a full-length entitled "Revision:Revise" in 2010 after signing with the Artery Foundation in 2009.

Their members include: Derrick Sechrist (guitar), Taylor Kimball (bass), Danon Saylor (vocals), Chris Johnston (guitar), Joshua Modisette (keys).

That bit of information being said, here are some songs as always:

"I Will Destroy The Wisdom Of The Wise"
(About 3:34 has a really cool part, but the whole thing is good)

"Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder"

"The Deceiver"(live)

That's all for now friends.
Keep Rockin'!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Alright, this band has made A LOT of changes! They used to be my number one, top favorite band of all time. That was during their first album: The Weak's End. That was the only album on which they had the specific 'Emery' sound I was used to. Over time, however, I was able to get used to them and their new style. I'll list songs of their first album, up until their newest album.

Emery is considered a post-hardcore band, but they combine an alternative pop/rock sound with alternative screamo/melodic hardcore sounds. I feelm in order to get the full 'Emery' effect, you need to hear their first album. That album was 100% their best album.

I don't want to seem so discriminatory, but as I mentioned in the second sentence, they were my favorite band. This is one of the bands that made me like screaming, which is something a few of you guys mentioned was out of your comfort zone. Also, something I include a lot in my blog, Emery has released: The Weak's End (2004), The Question (2005), The Question: Deluxe Edition (2006), I'm Only A Man (2007), While Broken Heart's Prevail (EP) (2008)...In Shallow Sea's We Sail (2009), We Do What We Want (2011). Apparently, there is another 2011 album release.
They originally formed in South Caroline as a Christian based band. They keep their Christian morals and I believe they keep the general idea. Their band members include: Toby Morrell (vocals, guitar), Matt Carter (guitar), Joel Green (bass), Devon Shelton (guitar), Josh Head (keys), Seth Studley (drums). Those, at least, were the original band members....Sadly, I believe it has changed since then.

It would pribably be a better idea to just display the videos now. Here is Emery, my favorite band, who has change dramatically.

This was the first song from their first album, 'The Weak's End'

"As Your Voice Fade's"
Also from 'The Weak's End'.
This song is pretty fucking epic! It's straight forward until about 2:56ish. Amazing song altogether.

"Studying Politics" from The Question (differences start here).

""So Cold I Could See My Breath" from The Question.

"The Smile The Face" from While Broken Hearts Prevail.

"The Cheval Glass" from We Do What We Want. This is my current favorite song from their new album.

Actually, I really like it. Check out this song compared to the others. You'll notice a difference, but I think if you like the rest, you'll definitely like that one.

They have many more song. The best, however (in my opinion), are included on the first album.

Give it a shot guys, and remember:
Keep Rockin'!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Born of Osiris just released a new album today! Well, technically yesterday, since it's now a little after midnight. My source is telling me that they're a Deathcore band, but that is completely false. If I had to categorize them, I'd put them under Progressive Metalcore, if that makes any sense, ha.

They're signed with Sumerian records, as was the band from my last post, Veil of Maya. Their member's include: Ronnie Canizaro (vocals), Lee McKinney (guitar), Jason Richardson (guitar), David Darocha (bass), Cameron Losch (drums), and Joe Buras (keys/bg vocals). They have released three full length albums: The New Reign (2007), A Higher Place (2009), and just yesterday they released The Discovery. Before all of these, however, they released and EP entitled Rosecrance.

I really like their technical breakdowns and their stage presence isn't half bad either. I caught them in concert during the Thrash & Burn Tour, on which they co-headlined with Asking Alexandria. The entire show was great. I mentioned seeing an Asking Alexandria concert where they asked for girls to throw their bra's on the stage; this is that show.

As always, here are a few songs!

"Open Arms To Damnation"
I particularly like the parts starting at :53 and 1:34

"Sights and Sounds"
Probably the only song they have (that I've heard at least) with clean vocals. Cool little solo around1:24 and my favorite part, shortly after the solo at 2:07 until the end.

"Bow Down"
The intro kept me hooked.

"Now Arise"
This one's from their sophomore album: A Higher Place.

And this last one isn't a song, but a teaser for their new album including parts from three different songs. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more.

Keep Rockin' fellow bloggers!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Veil Of Maya

Veil of Maya is a progressive metal band from Oak Park, Illinois. Thus far, they've released three full-length albums and a demo. Their albums include: "All Things Set Aside" (2006), "The Common Man's Collapse" (2008), and "[id]" (2010). The band member's include: Brandon Butler (vocals, keys), Marc Okubo (guitar), Sam Applebaum (drums), and Danny Hauser (bass).

I'm going to come right out and say, "All Things Set Aside" is my favorite album, though I haven't heard much of "[id]". They're very talented and definitely a band I would like to see performing live!

To the songs!

"It's Not Safe To Swim Today"

"Unbreakable" (from [id])

"We Bow In It's Aura"

"Entry Level Exit Wounds" (live)
That's all for today guys, I hope you enjoy!
Keep Rockin'!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like Video Games?

I've been getting a little off track in my posts lately, but don't worry, I'll be back to posting my favorite bands again soon.

For now, however, I just wanted to share a web page with you guys, if you haven't already heard about it. There's a link I could use to refer you there for points and whatnot, but I don't even know what those points are good for, but I'll give you this:


As simple as that. Vizzed is full of older video games from systems such as: Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy, etc, etc...

There are a couple minor drawbacks. First, you have to download a plug in for your browser in order to run the games. Also, you'll need to register as a user or you'll be limited to a certain amount of playing time. I don't recall the exact size of the download, but it wasn't very big and it hasn't affected my computer negatively at all.

And, since I'm here, I might as well post a video or two:

Before Their Eyes - "City In A Snowglobe"

Suicide Silence - "Unanswered"

Attack Attack! - "Smokahontas"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Immortal Technique

I've been listening lately to some rap: namely, Immortal Technique. If you haven't heard of him, you should give it a listen. Most of his lyrics deal with controversial issues in global politics. Listening to him, he actually sounds like a pretty smart person. He states a lot about the American government and corruption and believes in the Illuminati, although he refuses to admit that he believes in conspiracy theories. He refuses record deals left and right (probably for that reason) and has stated during interviews that he makes more money by doing what he's doing now than he would if he signed. He has also stated that he believes the only people who benefit from an artist signing with a company is the company. But, I'm sure this all ties together with his beliefs in the Illuminati.

Immortal Technique has released four full-length albums entitled: "Revolutionary Vol. 1", "Revolutionary Vol. 2", "The 3rd World", and "The Middle Passage". With profits from his third album, "The 3rd World", Immortal Technique traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan and helped with the building of an orphanage with no corporate or external funding. The orphanage was and still is successful.

Now, for some music.

"Cause of Death"

This next song is probably the most horrible, disgusting song which apparently is true. My previous statements about him and this song make it sound like two different people. There is a good message here though, and I would like for you to take a listen.

"Dance With The Devil"

"Leaving The Past"

Keep Rockin'!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Remake

I don't really have much to say on this subject. I got a couple bands here that do some pretty cool remakes. I also have a song that some of you might not even know was a remade version.

The Devil Wears Prada - "Still Fly" (originally by Big Tymers)

Evergreen Terrace - "Enjoy The Silence" (originally by Depeche Mode)
Evergreen Terrace actually does quite a few remakes. Another pretty good one is "Mad World" by Tears For Fears. I personally prefer the remake by Gary Jules. Some of you might know it as the song from Donnie Darko. The song has a pretty cool music video too. I have a feeling like this version of the song was actually more popular than the original. I know it doesn't quite fit in here, but I like it, so...

Gary Jules - "Mad World" (originally by Tears For Fears)
In Fear And Faith - "Gangsta's Paradise" (originally by Coolio)
For now, this is all. Keep Rockin'!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Just Like Music

I already posted once today, but, oh well. I'm in a posting mood.

Today, I had a comment on one of my posts that made me feel good about my blogging and the material of my blog. The comment said that they would come to my blog regularly to listen to songs I post. I know one comment doesn't say much, but I know, for any blogger out there, it's nice to hear. When you hear from just one person out of the hundreds or thousands of followers you have (I actually am only at around 30) that they really like your post or your blog in general, it makes a difference. I just hope I can soon find many more followers who share the same interests and don't just use me for another follow on their blog. I do understand, however, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I respect your opinion and I respect the music you listen to. It's all art and every artist deserves some attention, whether it be appraising or critical.

Today, I don't think people understand that music is art. Or they do, but they only consider THEIR music art. They have no respect for anyone else's thoughts or opinions on the subject. And even if they give the person a chance to state their opinion, it would be followed with nothing but criticism. Music is how I display this situation, although it applies to so many more ideas. Music is my thing.

And, with that said, here's some shit I like to listen to:

Casino Madrid - "Running With Scissors"

Isles & Glaciers - "Empty Sighs and Wine"

Attila - "Rage"

A Skylit Drive - "Hey Nightmare, Where Did You Get Them Teeth"

I, The Creation - "Let's Burn The Blankets For Warmth (live)"

That's all for now, so Keep Rockin'!


Well, after a few recent comments, I realized quite a few people don't enjoy the music I do. And, while I'm not going to change my taste in music or my blog's main point, I will change it up a bit from time to time. Today, I was browsing through different blog's that I follow and I came across two different posts that had to do with nostalgia and that got me thinking: "why not do a nostalgia post myself?" Everyone's got different idea's of what makes them think about old times. One was about video games, another about old cartoons, and I believe there was one to do with a song. This is music that always get's me thinking of old times.

Fist of all, Metallica. I have always been into these guys. This was probably the first Metal band I ever liked. And now you can see how things have changed.

Metallica's "Master of Puppets" (live)


I can't hear Metallica without being brought back to early high school or the first time I picked up a guitar. The first song I learned (not entirely, but bits and pieces) was "One". I used to listen to Metallica and a few others on the bus going to school every morning. Another couple of bands would have to be Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, AC/DC, some Sublime for my smoking days, and if you haven't heard Mean Dinosaur, you're missing out.

Mean Dinosaur - "Fly Away"

This song always makes me think of a really good friend who I haven't seen in a few months. 

Now, aside from music, here are a few things that get me every time:
The Original Power Rangers (the yellow ranger was an Asian and the black ranger was a black guy, I love it).

Everyday after school.

Before cartoons were so uptight.

Toy Soldiers (not that Eminem song).

Nintendo 64 and any of it's predecessors. Also includes Sega and Atari.

Okay, maybe this one's a little too soon, but come one, we're never buying, renting, or watching these things again. It's only been, what feels like, a few short years and we're already two generations after the VHS tape.

I know I didn't include a whole lot, I could have spent hours upon hours adding and removing things from this, but sadly, I don't have that time. Now, I'd like to hear what makes you nostalgia. So, how about it? What makes you nostalgia fellow bloggers?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jamie's Elsewhere - Live Week - Day 4

The song is "Antithesis" by Jamie's Elsewhere. This is definitely my favorite by them.

And an album version for comparison or whatever.


Sorry for the laziness of today's post. I'm in a hurry. Jamie's Elsewhere is great live and not. I saw them once, but couldn't manage to find any videos of the show I went to. That was a fun one.

That's all I have for now.
Keep Rockin'!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Free" Bitchin' Software!

So, today I'm taking a quick break from posting music and instead, sharing a cool little program I found that records sounds from your computer. I thought it was a pretty cool little tool and I hoped others might enjoy it as well.

I say "free" because, you don't have to pay unless you want to upgrade to a full account. I have not upgraded, nor do I plan on it, because it works just fine. I found a program that simply records any sound from your computer into MP3, WMA, OGG, or WAV formats depending on what you choose. It's very user friendly, it allows you to choose where the recordings will be saved to, as well as how loud it will record. There's a feature that allows you to "Auto Set" the recording volume. I recommend you use this because if it records too loud, it'll sound like crap. I've been recording songs for free rather than downloading and it just takes up as much time as it takes for the song to play. Of course, you can record anything. I can record the sounds of a youtube video, or any song or sound playing. Sound interesting?


That's it. Once you're on the page, on the bottom right there is a "Download" link.

And here's a quick video of a song I don't own....I guess I'll just record it!

 That was "Fightin' Words" by Casino Madrid by the way.
Keep Rockin'!

UPDATE: I just realized, the free version gives you a limited number of megabytes you can record. I believe the set number is somewhere around 125,000 MB's, so you have quite a bit if you're recording in MP3 format. There are also more programs out there like this. I'll probably just be deleting this one and downloading another when I'm out of free usage. I'm sure someone out there can find a fully free one. I'll be searching. Hit me with a link if you find a better one. Thank you :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Asking Alexandria - Live Week - Day 3

Asking Alexandria has been a favorite band of mine for a while. As a matter of fact, the live show from today's post is of a concert that I attended, at the Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ. They are a five piece metalcore band from England with just one full-length album release: "Stand Up and Scream". They have released an EP this past December, entitled "Life Gone Wild" and they have another full-length album set to be released on April 5th, "Reckless and Relentless". The song hear today will be from "Stand Up and Scream".

The member's of the band include: Sam Bettley (bass), Ben Bruce (guitar, vocals), James Cassells (drums), Cameron Liddell (guitar), and Danny Worsnop (vocals, synth, keys, programming). The band name Asking Alexandria is often brought up by a previous band that released an album entitled "The Irony of Your Perfection," but this is, in fact, a different band. Guitarist, Ben Bruce, was in a previous band that broke up which used the name Asking Alexandria for about the last month of being together. After disbanding, Bruce began another band while keeping the name. This is Asking Alexandria's "The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)"

At the beginning of the video, lead singer, Danny Worsnop says, "We have a winner." This song was actually played as an encore. Just after they finished their set, the crowd started chanting for another song and they agreed to play if they could get 10 bra's on the stage. After a couple minutes we had about 12 or 13 bra's on stage, as well as, a couple girls flashing the audience. It was definitely a good time. I didn't take this video, however, I was much closer to the stage :)

That's all I have for today, if you'd like to hear more of this band, look it up, lol.

As always, Keep Rockin'!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Parkway Drive - Live Week - Day 2

You might remember me mentioning Parkway Drive last month when I posted a live version of their song "Romance Is Dead" on my Post "I Was There," but today I want to feature a different song. This song is called "Guns For Show, Knives For Pro." Both songs are really good, so if you have the time you should check out the old post, which is from Warped Tour 2010 and I was in fact in that crowd.

So, Parkway Drive is an Australian metalcore band. If you see them live, you can make out the singers accent and that, for some reason, makes them cooler. They hail from Byron Bay, New South Wales. They've released three full-length albums, entitled "Killing With a Smile" (which "Guns For Show, Knives For Pro" is featured on), "Horizons", and "Deep Blue." And their member's include: Ben Gordon (drums), Luke Kilpatrick (guitar), Jeff Ling (guitar), Winston McCall (vocals), and Jia O'Connor (bass).

"Guns For Show, Knives For Pro" (live)

I love the breakdown right in the beginning! Now, from their newest album, this is a song called "Sleepwalker." I'm not playing a live version, but this will give you an idea of the band now. This is the music video, the song takes about 15 - 20 seconds to start.

And, what the hell, here's the video I posted last month.

"Romance Is Dead" (live)

That was a little bit of Parkway Drive. That's all I have for today.

Keep Rockin'!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miss May I - Live Week - Day 1

Miss May I is a metalcore band from Ohio, signed with Rise Records as of 2008. Their Debut album (which today's song is featured on) was called "Apologies Are for the Weak." Their second and newest album, from August 2010, was title "Monument." There members include: Ryan Neff (bass, vocals), Levi Benton (vocals), Jerod Boyd (drums), Justin Aufdenkampe (guitar), and BJ Stead (guitar). Before their signing with Rise Recods, Miss May I release 2 demo albums, one was entitled "Vows For A Massacre" while the other one is simply referred to as "Demo 2008."

Well, that's enough of the technical mumbo-jumbo... First of all, here is a quick vid of a cover song called "Swing" which was originally performed by rapper Savage.

So, I decided that this week is live week. I'll be posting videos of bands performing live shows and possibly along side their album brethren. Today's band, as you've probably already figured out, is Miss May I. The song, my favorite song by the band, is 'A Dance With Aera Cura." This song for some reason gives me a slight erection.

Album version:

Live version:

I hope you enjoyed as much as I do, I understand the music isn't commonly accepted. I like it more for that reason. That's all for today. Keep Rockin'!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I, The Creation

 I know I posted something about this band before, but they're good friends of mine. I actually used to play guitar in a band with the vocalist and drummer. This is I, The Creation:

Lyrics for "Defeating Chuck Norris"
I found it kind of funny.

Chuck must go
take your records and medals of gold
I've seen your shows
...and i dont really think
a ranger can take on 18 choLOWS


have you been fooled
into believing he can part the seas back
apparently to which ill never believe
he knows Victorias Secret
apparently to which ill never believe
were the same were the same
apparently to which they'll never conceive
were the same were the same


chuck must go
your existence is overrated
i've used your gym happens to be
the worst part of waking up

chuck must go


prove your self
eat the core of this apple first
dropkicks are in your blood
spare me a round house
Run from the walker


chuck must go
your existence is overrated(I've seen this shit before)
Fuck your total gym never made anyone slim
chuck must go
(everyday i hear it replay)

chuck must go
your existence is overrated
ive seen your show happened to be the,the worst part
chuck must go
your a sucker if you think ill give up
everyday i hear it replay the worst part