Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Born of Osiris just released a new album today! Well, technically yesterday, since it's now a little after midnight. My source is telling me that they're a Deathcore band, but that is completely false. If I had to categorize them, I'd put them under Progressive Metalcore, if that makes any sense, ha.

They're signed with Sumerian records, as was the band from my last post, Veil of Maya. Their member's include: Ronnie Canizaro (vocals), Lee McKinney (guitar), Jason Richardson (guitar), David Darocha (bass), Cameron Losch (drums), and Joe Buras (keys/bg vocals). They have released three full length albums: The New Reign (2007), A Higher Place (2009), and just yesterday they released The Discovery. Before all of these, however, they released and EP entitled Rosecrance.

I really like their technical breakdowns and their stage presence isn't half bad either. I caught them in concert during the Thrash & Burn Tour, on which they co-headlined with Asking Alexandria. The entire show was great. I mentioned seeing an Asking Alexandria concert where they asked for girls to throw their bra's on the stage; this is that show.

As always, here are a few songs!

"Open Arms To Damnation"
I particularly like the parts starting at :53 and 1:34

"Sights and Sounds"
Probably the only song they have (that I've heard at least) with clean vocals. Cool little solo around1:24 and my favorite part, shortly after the solo at 2:07 until the end.

"Bow Down"
The intro kept me hooked.

"Now Arise"
This one's from their sophomore album: A Higher Place.

And this last one isn't a song, but a teaser for their new album including parts from three different songs. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more.

Keep Rockin' fellow bloggers!


  1. Ooh I really like Now Arise. Good song!

  2. Incredible guitar work, I just personally can't get into metal that has vocals that sound like an angry doberman with laryngitis.

  3. Always liked these guys, you have some great taste in music, my friend!

  4. good stuff, im not sure how i would categorize them ether.

  5. great guitar stuff going on in their music, i just cant stand the vocals

  6. THANKS ALOT!! didnt know them.. following!