Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Immortal Technique

I've been listening lately to some rap: namely, Immortal Technique. If you haven't heard of him, you should give it a listen. Most of his lyrics deal with controversial issues in global politics. Listening to him, he actually sounds like a pretty smart person. He states a lot about the American government and corruption and believes in the Illuminati, although he refuses to admit that he believes in conspiracy theories. He refuses record deals left and right (probably for that reason) and has stated during interviews that he makes more money by doing what he's doing now than he would if he signed. He has also stated that he believes the only people who benefit from an artist signing with a company is the company. But, I'm sure this all ties together with his beliefs in the Illuminati.

Immortal Technique has released four full-length albums entitled: "Revolutionary Vol. 1", "Revolutionary Vol. 2", "The 3rd World", and "The Middle Passage". With profits from his third album, "The 3rd World", Immortal Technique traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan and helped with the building of an orphanage with no corporate or external funding. The orphanage was and still is successful.

Now, for some music.

"Cause of Death"

This next song is probably the most horrible, disgusting song which apparently is true. My previous statements about him and this song make it sound like two different people. There is a good message here though, and I would like for you to take a listen.

"Dance With The Devil"

"Leaving The Past"

Keep Rockin'!


  1. easily one of my favorite rappers.

    his new stuff is not very enjoyable though but revolutionary vol 1 and 2 are just pure awesome

  2. I hadn't heard any of this before, appreciate it. Always trying to expand my musical knowledge.

  3. they are great
    make sure to check out (if you havent already)
    ill bill (hour of reprisal)
    vinnie paz (season of assassin exp. end of days and trail of lies)

  4. I absolutely love this stuff, my favorite is most certainly bin Laden...

  5. i will now go and vote and in my next post i will post the link so all my followers can also help you! :D

  6. he's not a bad rapper, but he rhymes too many words with 'ily'

    like he'll be like

    'i'll f^#$ chu up lyrically
    and make you praise me spiritually'

    etc etc