Sunday, March 20, 2011

Veil Of Maya

Veil of Maya is a progressive metal band from Oak Park, Illinois. Thus far, they've released three full-length albums and a demo. Their albums include: "All Things Set Aside" (2006), "The Common Man's Collapse" (2008), and "[id]" (2010). The band member's include: Brandon Butler (vocals, keys), Marc Okubo (guitar), Sam Applebaum (drums), and Danny Hauser (bass).

I'm going to come right out and say, "All Things Set Aside" is my favorite album, though I haven't heard much of "[id]". They're very talented and definitely a band I would like to see performing live!

To the songs!

"It's Not Safe To Swim Today"

"Unbreakable" (from [id])

"We Bow In It's Aura"

"Entry Level Exit Wounds" (live)
That's all for today guys, I hope you enjoy!
Keep Rockin'!


  1. Wow! I ran a store in Oak Park for nearly a decade, and I now feel old, since I recognize 2 of the guys in this band from when they were kids... at least, I think that's them.

  2. Wow, lol, that's crazy! I wonder if it really is them.

  3. Awesome songs.


  4. Sounds a lot like Sonic Syndicate!

  5. Buying these off itunes now, thanks.. quality of my life has been improved!

  6. Sounds pretty good! Never heard of this before!

  7. Very cool! I love me some metal!

  8. Definitely a different sound to them, I didn't mind them a bit!