Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Set My Friends On Fire

These guys are a unique two-piece (ex-three-piece) band out of Miami, Florida. The members (presently) are Matt Mehana (lead vocals) and Chris Lent (drums, synth, programming). Nabil Moo used to play the guitar for the band, as well as some vocals and synth. They were formed in 2007 and signed with Epitaph Records in 2008. Before Epitaph they released an EP, and with Epitaph they've released one full-length entitled You Can't Spell Saughter Without Laughter. They're set to release another full-length this June entitled Astral Rejection.

They're an acquired taste, as is most music of the genre and music that I listen to in general. So, let's get to the music!

Have you guys heard of the youtube duo Smosh? I Set My Friends On Fire collaborated with them in 2009, on which they wrote a song and together made a funny little music video. Here it is:

"Sex Ed Rocks" ft. Smosh

"But The Nuns Are Watching"

"Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos"

I also like pronouncig their acronym, ISMFOF. It makes me think of an STD or something...Like "Aw great, that bitch gave me a case of the ISMFOF!"

Keep Rockin'!

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is Serious Business!

Alright, I know we are ALL down with the "technology" phase! Helium is running out! Also, five other things we wouldn't expect:

I have actually been reading these (cracked) articles a lot lately and it turns out that they are actually very well written. That article should be a good example.

Now, since this blog is music related, I have a couple more songs for you guys to listen to:

Attila - "Soda in the Water Cup"

A few people liked their song last post, but I think I might be able to change their minds. If not, I want you guys to post and tell me what else you like. I'm looking for more good shit!

The Legion of Doom - "Dangerous Business Since 1979" (mash up of Underoath's "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out the Front Door" and mewithoutyou's "January 1979")

These guys do techno remixes of hardcore(ish) music! It's actually really good, especially if you like the song's they're redoing.

I'm going to go ahead and cut it off there...I apologize for not having a Real post in so long and I promise I'll make a real post very soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just A Couple Songs....

I'm feeling lazy.
So here are a few songs that I like!

Jamie's Elsewhere - "Antithesis" (really cool song)

Pierce The Veil - "Caraphernelia"

Attila - "Rage" (these guys are very unique!)

Keep Rockin'!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Word Alive

I've been posting some softer music recently, so today I decided to go back to some of my older stuff. This band is The Word Alive. These guys, like Dear in the Headlights, came from Phoenix, Arizona. I guess the Phoenix area is pretty big on music these days. They're a metalcore band, that is, they use metal and post-hardcore styles: post-hardcore being a step up for hardcore punk in which screaming was more involved.

I mentioned Craig Mabbit before and how he is kind of a band whore - jumping from band to band. This band originated with him as their front man, but they've made improvements after his departure. I'll put up a song from when he was in the band and a couple from later. The current members of The Word Alive are Zach Hansen (guitar, backing vocals), Tony Pizzuti (guitar, backing vocals), Dusty Riach (keys, synth), Justin Salinas (drums), and Tyler "Telle" Smith (vocals).

The band is fairly new, having only been formed in 2008. I'm guessing that since Craig Mabbit was in the band, they had easy exposure to studio and show time. In 2009, they released their EP Empire, through Fearless Records. In 2010, they released their debut full-length, Deceiver. Who knows when they'll be releasing a new one?! I hope soon, but I don't want to see them rush it as too many bands seem to do today.

And now for some music!
These first two songs were my favorites off of the EP, Empire with Craig Mabbit on lead vocals.
I like the first album because it was a little more unique, but I still prefer the second album, because of it's more professional sound.

"The Devil Inside"

"Are You On Drugs" (this is a slower one)

These next two songs are from their second album, Deceiver.

"The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules" (official music video)

"Dream Catcher" (I love the choruses and ending to this one)

That's all I have for now...
Keep Rockin'!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear and the Headlights

Dear and the Headlights is an indie band out of Phoenix, Arizona. I lived in Arizona, a couple hours from Phoenix, and sadly never got to catch them live. They have a pretty cool sound. A lot of what I've heard by them, however, is pretty depressing (not all of it, though). Their front man is very talented in that he can really put together some lyrics. Before they were signed by Equal Vision Records in 2007, they released two demos which contained five songs that they re-recorded for their debut full-length album.
They released Small Steps, Heavy Hooves in 2007 and Drunk Like Bible Times in 2008.

Dear and the Headlights includes: Ian Metzger (vocals, guitar), P.J. Waxman (guitar, vocals), Patrick Taylor (bass), Robert Cissell (keys, guitar), and Mark Kulvinskas (drums).

I'm going to post, first, the song that really got me into this band.

This is a live acoustic version, however. I think I prefer the recorded (full band) version, but this is still really good.

Probably the most depressing song I've heard and I can't help but like it.

"Sweet Talk"

I really like these guys. Hope you all enjoy too.
Keep Rockin'!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brand New

Yeah, that's the name of the band. You've probably heard them before or at least heard of them. If you have heard them before, you've probably heard this song...

"Jesus Christ"

They were featured on David Letterman once and played that song.

Brand New is an American band out of New York, I believe they said from Long Island. Their members include: Jesse Lacey (vocals, guitar), Vincent Accardi (guitar, backing vocals), Garrett Tierney (bass), Brian Lane (drums), Derrick Sherman (guitar, keys, backing vocals).

They've released a total of four full-length albums: Your Favorite Weapon (2001), Deja Entendu (2003), The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me (2006), and Daisy (2009). I actually haven't heard Daisy yet, but I did enjoy the other three albums. The first two albums were both self-released. It wasn't until 2005 that they were signed with Interscope.

Alright, I'm boring myself, here's some music.

"Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades"

"Seventy times 7"
This song is cool because it was written fro an ex-girlfriend and ex-bestfriend  from college who slept with each other at a party or something along those lines. The ex-bestfriend went on to play guitar for the band Taking Back Sunday. They also have a song about it.

"Soco Amaretto Lime"
Reminds me of high school and old friends.

Keep Rockin'!

Friday, April 8, 2011

This Is Sense

I mentioned the band I, The Creation quite a few time before and that I used to play in a band with the front man and drummer of said band. We were called Hyacinth and we played a few shows here and there, but could never get around to making real progress, such as recording. We did however have a few live shows and practice songs on camera. I, for some reason, couldn't convert the video, but I did manage to get the audio. This is my ex-band Hyacinth at practice.

"I Brake For Quail"
(My G-string was slightly out of tune....)

"Cactus Quartet"
(we had just written and got this song down the day of this recording..)

I apologize for the lack of video and the crappy sound quality, but this is all I had to work with. I'm the guitarist, by the way. I really wish we had some better songs/recordings. These weren't our best.

Thanks for listening and maybe reading.
Keep Rockin'!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sound of Animals Fighting

These guys are a strangely catchy, experimental band. The Sound of Animals Fighting is considered a "supergroup" bringing together Circa Survive's Anthony Green, Chiodos' Craig Owens, Rich Zahniser of The Hippos, Alexander William Bentley of The Autumns, and several member's of the bands Finch and Rx Bandits. The band only performed four live shows, as they were definitely a studio band. During their live performances, they had up to 12 member's on stage, each who had contributed to at least one of the albums. The Sound of Animals Fighting isn't the usual band who consists of a constant four, five, six, or however many members a regular band has. They constantly had new musician's coming and going, contributing to songs or albums. In my own opinion, this created something new and interesting.

They released a total of three albums entitled: Tiger and the Duke (2005), Lover, the Lord Has Left Us... (2006), and The Ocean and the Sun (2008). They also released a DVD in 2007 entitled We Must Become the Change We Want to See. I'd like to give a list of all the member's who have contributed to this band's music, but I know nobody would read it and it would take up a lot of time and space. So I'll skip that part and get right to some songs...

"The Heretic"
This is a slow song, but feels very emotional to me. I hope at least someone will appreciate it.

"Act I: Chasing Suns"

"Another Leather Lung"
This one is apparently the official music video.

"Act II: All is Ash or the Light Shining Through It" (Live)
From their DVD.

And that's all for today...Keep Rockin'!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reckless & Relentless

I noticed that the last video on my previous post was removed from YouTube. Asking Alexandria just released a new album, "Reckless & Relentless" on the first, so it'll be a while before we can start posting the new stuff without taking crap from Sumerian records.
I just listened to this new album, however, and I was less than impressed. I'm sick of this trend that bands seem to take all too often. Before signing to any label, of course, they're trying hard to impress their audience and sell out shows and be signed. After they've signed, then what? They don't care? I can't make that claim, but I can say, that bands have been disappointing me with their lack of commitment in latter albums. I'll give a couple examples and let's hope they don't get removed from YouTube...

First, I'll go with Asking Alexandria, since they're the inspiration behind this post.

From their first full-length, Stand Up And Scream, "When Everyday's The Weekend"

And this one is from Reckless & Relentless, "To The Stage"

There's an obvious difference. Now, I know that some of you probably haven't heard Asking Alexandria before now, so you're probably thinking 'what's the big deal?' Well, their last album was one that I couldn't take out of the stereo! It was cool and new and catchy....etc... This sounds different, which is good and all that, but it just isn't as catchy. Every song, to me, feels like it's missing something or maybe it has too much of something? Where are the bad ass bridges and breakdowns that made their songs what I loved about them?! Alright, enough with the rant, I apologize.

I've done a couple posts in the last month or two where I gave examples of band's that I liked that changed their sound a bit. I believe on Emery and Bring Me The Horizon. I won't go into giving those examples again, but they didn't disappoint me as much as AA.

Speaking of AA, Attack Attack! is another band that has changed quite a bit!
Here is Attack Attack's  "Stick Stickly"

If you didn't understand what he was saying, haha, the song was actually a religious song. Their singer was a christian and wanted to make his lyrics about God and whatnot. They got a new front man and something else changed. I didn't research it at all, sorry guys, but I think the band split because of the whole religious views and music and....stuff. I don't know.

These two songs are from their newest album.

"Sexual Man Chocolate"
I love the piano in the opening.

I believe I posted this once before randomly.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I haven't blogged in too long! I apologize for this guys, I'll begin again soon! I've just been getting busy with school, family, and actually trying to find a job. I'll leave today's post with a couple video's of my friend's band I, The Creation, who I've plugged already a few times in this blog.

"Body Is The Bow"

"Defeating Chuck Norris"

And this one is a song by Asking Alexandria's new album, "Reckless and Relentless"!
"A Lesson Never Learned"