Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reckless & Relentless

I noticed that the last video on my previous post was removed from YouTube. Asking Alexandria just released a new album, "Reckless & Relentless" on the first, so it'll be a while before we can start posting the new stuff without taking crap from Sumerian records.
I just listened to this new album, however, and I was less than impressed. I'm sick of this trend that bands seem to take all too often. Before signing to any label, of course, they're trying hard to impress their audience and sell out shows and be signed. After they've signed, then what? They don't care? I can't make that claim, but I can say, that bands have been disappointing me with their lack of commitment in latter albums. I'll give a couple examples and let's hope they don't get removed from YouTube...

First, I'll go with Asking Alexandria, since they're the inspiration behind this post.

From their first full-length, Stand Up And Scream, "When Everyday's The Weekend"

And this one is from Reckless & Relentless, "To The Stage"

There's an obvious difference. Now, I know that some of you probably haven't heard Asking Alexandria before now, so you're probably thinking 'what's the big deal?' Well, their last album was one that I couldn't take out of the stereo! It was cool and new and catchy....etc... This sounds different, which is good and all that, but it just isn't as catchy. Every song, to me, feels like it's missing something or maybe it has too much of something? Where are the bad ass bridges and breakdowns that made their songs what I loved about them?! Alright, enough with the rant, I apologize.

I've done a couple posts in the last month or two where I gave examples of band's that I liked that changed their sound a bit. I believe on Emery and Bring Me The Horizon. I won't go into giving those examples again, but they didn't disappoint me as much as AA.

Speaking of AA, Attack Attack! is another band that has changed quite a bit!
Here is Attack Attack's  "Stick Stickly"

If you didn't understand what he was saying, haha, the song was actually a religious song. Their singer was a christian and wanted to make his lyrics about God and whatnot. They got a new front man and something else changed. I didn't research it at all, sorry guys, but I think the band split because of the whole religious views and music and....stuff. I don't know.

These two songs are from their newest album.

"Sexual Man Chocolate"
I love the piano in the opening.

I believe I posted this once before randomly.


  1. Thanks for the songs!

    I listened to all of them at work.

    Great way to keep you working :)

  2. WOW!! Well 268, This blog is rather cool! This music is awesome! :D

  3. LOL, I've never heard of a band breaking up over religious reasons before!