Monday, April 25, 2011

This is Serious Business!

Alright, I know we are ALL down with the "technology" phase! Helium is running out! Also, five other things we wouldn't expect:

I have actually been reading these (cracked) articles a lot lately and it turns out that they are actually very well written. That article should be a good example.

Now, since this blog is music related, I have a couple more songs for you guys to listen to:

Attila - "Soda in the Water Cup"

A few people liked their song last post, but I think I might be able to change their minds. If not, I want you guys to post and tell me what else you like. I'm looking for more good shit!

The Legion of Doom - "Dangerous Business Since 1979" (mash up of Underoath's "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out the Front Door" and mewithoutyou's "January 1979")

These guys do techno remixes of hardcore(ish) music! It's actually really good, especially if you like the song's they're redoing.

I'm going to go ahead and cut it off there...I apologize for not having a Real post in so long and I promise I'll make a real post very soon!