Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Set My Friends On Fire

These guys are a unique two-piece (ex-three-piece) band out of Miami, Florida. The members (presently) are Matt Mehana (lead vocals) and Chris Lent (drums, synth, programming). Nabil Moo used to play the guitar for the band, as well as some vocals and synth. They were formed in 2007 and signed with Epitaph Records in 2008. Before Epitaph they released an EP, and with Epitaph they've released one full-length entitled You Can't Spell Saughter Without Laughter. They're set to release another full-length this June entitled Astral Rejection.

They're an acquired taste, as is most music of the genre and music that I listen to in general. So, let's get to the music!

Have you guys heard of the youtube duo Smosh? I Set My Friends On Fire collaborated with them in 2009, on which they wrote a song and together made a funny little music video. Here it is:

"Sex Ed Rocks" ft. Smosh

"But The Nuns Are Watching"

"Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos"

I also like pronouncig their acronym, ISMFOF. It makes me think of an STD or something...Like "Aw great, that bitch gave me a case of the ISMFOF!"

Keep Rockin'!


  1. that first song rocked, but i would like it to be more of a serious song and less of a joke.

  2. I like the third song the most.

    HEAVY.. very heavy

  3. The video for that first song was hilarious.

  4. That first song was pretty awesome, and funny too!

  5. Hehe, the video for "Sex Ed Rocks" is hilarious.