Saturday, March 26, 2011


Alright, this band has made A LOT of changes! They used to be my number one, top favorite band of all time. That was during their first album: The Weak's End. That was the only album on which they had the specific 'Emery' sound I was used to. Over time, however, I was able to get used to them and their new style. I'll list songs of their first album, up until their newest album.

Emery is considered a post-hardcore band, but they combine an alternative pop/rock sound with alternative screamo/melodic hardcore sounds. I feelm in order to get the full 'Emery' effect, you need to hear their first album. That album was 100% their best album.

I don't want to seem so discriminatory, but as I mentioned in the second sentence, they were my favorite band. This is one of the bands that made me like screaming, which is something a few of you guys mentioned was out of your comfort zone. Also, something I include a lot in my blog, Emery has released: The Weak's End (2004), The Question (2005), The Question: Deluxe Edition (2006), I'm Only A Man (2007), While Broken Heart's Prevail (EP) (2008)...In Shallow Sea's We Sail (2009), We Do What We Want (2011). Apparently, there is another 2011 album release.
They originally formed in South Caroline as a Christian based band. They keep their Christian morals and I believe they keep the general idea. Their band members include: Toby Morrell (vocals, guitar), Matt Carter (guitar), Joel Green (bass), Devon Shelton (guitar), Josh Head (keys), Seth Studley (drums). Those, at least, were the original band members....Sadly, I believe it has changed since then.

It would pribably be a better idea to just display the videos now. Here is Emery, my favorite band, who has change dramatically.

This was the first song from their first album, 'The Weak's End'

"As Your Voice Fade's"
Also from 'The Weak's End'.
This song is pretty fucking epic! It's straight forward until about 2:56ish. Amazing song altogether.

"Studying Politics" from The Question (differences start here).

""So Cold I Could See My Breath" from The Question.

"The Smile The Face" from While Broken Hearts Prevail.

"The Cheval Glass" from We Do What We Want. This is my current favorite song from their new album.

Actually, I really like it. Check out this song compared to the others. You'll notice a difference, but I think if you like the rest, you'll definitely like that one.

They have many more song. The best, however (in my opinion), are included on the first album.

Give it a shot guys, and remember:
Keep Rockin'!


  1. I like emery!

    Great american music! (chinese accent)

  2. i am going to have to look more into Emery, i enjoyed "The Cheval Glass"

  3. they're not bad, i like how they switch up the tempo, it kinda reminds me of when i use to listen to my chemical romance

  4. Hmm interesting, might have to hear a few more of their songs before i make up my mind

  5. i listen to their first album years ago and i like it, let me check the vids!

  6. fuck it i don't know why youtube shows me different videos all the time :s anyone has the same problem?

  7. Hmm, not the biggest fan but I enjoy some parts.

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  8. Woot! Something new to listen to! Thank you my brother!