Friday, July 8, 2011


Ah shit, I have a 45 minute drive ahead of me and the weather's getting worse....

The only thing to make it better....MUSIC! Today's band is a local band out of Baltimore, MD. I got to go see them live recently and I'm surprised they haven't been signed to and major labels yet. They're a 6-piece hardcore band, members consist of Joe Deak (Vocals), Juan Zuluaga (Guitar), Quincy Jones (Drums), Louis Garcia (Guitar) Andrew Sheetz (Bass) and Nick Frymark (Keys).

This is a band I've been listening to quite a bit recently. SO check 'em out!


"Deception Never Looked So Good Before"

"I'm A Dreamer, Not a Realist" (this is an older song)

Well, I hope you enjoy the tunes, I know I do.
Keep Rockin'


  1. Good luck!

  2. I hope you made it to your destination ok! You haven't posted in quite some time since....