Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make Me Famous

Someone recently brought to my attention that my blog could use more organization. I thank you for the constructive criticism and took it into consideration. However, after thinking a bit, I realized that this blog, like me, is inconsistent (in what music I happen to hear on any given day). I figured out that I like it this way. I post some random band whenever I feel like posting it. That's how I discover music (at random) and I put it out there in the same manner.
So, to that reader, blog probably won't be making any big changes. Constructive criticism is always accepted, by the way, to everyone else.

You've probably been wondering, "Make Me Famous? What kind of blog title is that?" Well, that's actually the name of the band. Make Me Famous is an unsigned band with member's from Ukraine and the US. Their singer, Denis Shaforostov, started out by posting vocal covers on YouTube. After much recognition and building a strong following, he decided to form a band. And Make Me Famous was born, including members: Denis Shaforostov (vocals/guitar/programming), Serj Kravchenko (vocals), Sergei Hohlov (bass/vocals), Igor (Jimmy Rose) Yastrebov (guitar), and Jace Thomas (drums). I didn't find a huge amount of info on this band, so let's get some music in this bitch!

"Once You Killed A Cow, You Gotta Make A Burger"

"Make It Precious"

"I Am A Traitor, No One Does Care (featuring vocals from Johnny Franck of Attack Attack!)"

And that's all I have for today's post, thanks!
Keep Rockin'!


  1. Awesome songs, thanks!

  2. One more band I heard before, I kinda like their style!

  3. thats nice stuff, keep it up

  4. I like your blog. :) Especially the Snape/Hermione picture, love me some SSHG <3

  5. Pretty good instrumentation, i like it! Also as far as design goes, I'd make the actual content part of your blog the center of attention, and much wider.

  6. I like their band name, it's pretty straight-forward.

  7. Your blog is your own creation. Don't worry about those who say "You should do this, or that." Let them incorporate those ideas into their own creative works. Just keep on doing what you do.