Thursday, August 11, 2011

Needs More Synthesizer

The Word Alive - "2012"

I've had the break down from about :45 stuck in my head and decided to dedicate this post to the awesomeness of the synth.

Asking Alexandria - "Closure"

Jamie's Elsewhere - "Antithesis"

I See Stars - "Project Wakeup"

Casino Madrid - "Fightin' Words"

I was lazy today, I know.
Keep Rockin'!


  1. Awesome tracks and bands, thank you!

  2. You left a comment on my blog a while back about how you liked it. Haven't posted in a while. UNTIL NOW.
    Check out latest post. Super excited news. I am way too excited about it.

  3. Not my cup of tea, the vocals really put me off.