Monday, September 19, 2011

As Cities Burn

I feel like the start of every post is another excuse and apology for my absence, so I won't even bother this time. Though, that kind of counts in my book.

So, today, As Cities Burn. I like their style-kind of chill, but still hardcore-and it works. They're a Christian Hardcore band out of Louisiana that was formed in 2002. After a year or two of playing around and recording their first 2 EP's, they quit their day jobs and moved up in the world. Sadly, they've lost some of their original members, but the lineup currently includes: Cody Bonnette (vocals, guitar, keys), Colin Kimble (bass, back up vocals), Aaron Lunsford (drums), and Chris Lott (guitar, back up vocals).

With member changes, comes changes in music, and As Cities Burn is no different. Having a new lead vocalist can change a lot in a band and here, I'll post some examples. I prefer their old sound, but that's just my musical preference. And with that being said, here are some videos:

"Of Want and Misery: The Nothing That Kills" (pre-lineup change)

"Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged" (pre-lineup change)

"Errand Rum" (new)

While searching for info on this band, I found out that they are no longer a band and a couple of this band's members moved on to form Hawkboy. I haven't given that a listen yet, but I figured I'd throw that out there.

Keep Rockin'!


  1. Pretty rad, kinda sounds like a more garage-y Muse.

  2. As soon as I read "Christian Hardcore" part of me wanted to run for the hills, but this was actually good.