Friday, February 25, 2011

Escape The Fate

It seems I have a little trend going, so I decided to make the rest of the week...or at least, the next few posts, about bands that have changed over time. This next band is called "Escape The Fate". The video's I'm playing here today are my two favorite songs by them, but they've changed singers. You'll notice the difference in the voice when you hear it.

This first song is called "My Apocalypse" from their album "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion." On this album, their front man was Ronnie Radke, who was the original vocalist for the band. You'll notice his unique voice. Also notice the awesomeness of the instruments, namely, the guitars. Both of theses songs display the bands talents and ability to put together a rocking track.

And this next song is called "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Pt. 2)" from their album "This War Is Ours." In this song, the lead vocalist is now Craig Mabbit. The ex-front man for Blessthefall, who I will probably be featuring on my next post. Nonetheless, this is an awesome song, with some amazing instrumentals. Some parts in the solos make me think of Dragonforce, you'll probably know what I'm talking about if you've heard that band before. The music takes about a minute to start in this video, but the song is worth it.

The band has since released a self-titled album that, in my opinion, is shit. Now, why did they switch singers? Well, Their original singer, Ronnie Radke, had multiple run-ins with the law, including narcotics charges and battery for a fight that led to the death of a Michael Cook. He was sentenced to prison time and probation, meaning the band couldn't tour and do things that a band does. Radke was released this past December, however, and has a new band called Falling In Reverse. I haven't heard them yet, but they have an album debut coming soon. Last I heard it was an early 2011 release, so it could already be out for all I know.

Well, that's all I have for today. Keep Rockin'!


  1. I'm always into getting into new music...only bad experience so far would have to be, not so much


  2. I like it! Thanks for sharing; I doubt I'd have heard these songs otherwise!

  3. Very cool stuff. Always up for discovering new music! Thanks!

  4. What is wrong with our youth? Music today is just terrible. Long live the 70s.

  5. I'm fine with most music, age doesn't affect me. ;)

  6. dude i just love listening to 20's music. bumpin shit

  7. Old, but kinda nice ! Defenetly interesting..