Monday, February 28, 2011

Dag Mabbit!

I haven't posted in a couple days, sorry, I just bought DC Universe Online and I haven't been able to leave my PS3 since. But, today I decided to take a break and feature another band on my blog. Today's band, Blessthefall, went through a little change. Namely, there singer. Craig Mabbit, who was in my last post about the band Escape the Fate, started in this band. This first video will feature Craig as the lead vocalist.

The song is called "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad"

Since losing Craig Mabbit mid-tour (for "personal reasons"), Blessthefall's bassist was left to cover for him while playing the bass for the remainder of the tour. Later on when Craig showed interest in rejoining the group, they decided to move on and picked up Beau Bokan, former Take The Crown front man. Take The Crown had previously disbanded, so this is probably a big break for him. The next video features Bokan with Blessthefall as they currently are. 

My next post will probably include The Word Alive, as they've made a big change after losing Craig Mabbit as well.


  1. pretty cool man ! (btw, DC unierse online is ballinnnn)

  2. bless the fall, GREAT band i never had the chance to see the videos, so thank you!